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Workers Compensation Claim Mediation

In addition to his trial practice over the past two decades, Charles Davoli also provides legal mediation and arbitration services to facilitate resolution or settlement of employment and disability related claims and disputes. Since 2005, Mr. Davoli has served as a professional legal mediator in over 800 cases, and has logged over 4,500 hours mediating with a 92% successful mediation rate. His principal mediation services are in the areas of:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Federal Longshore & Harbor Worker Act claims
  • Defense Based Act claims
  • Tort damage
  • Personal injury related cases
  • Resolving lien interventions
  • Subrogation
  • Indemnification related matters

Mediation Testimonials:

“Mr. Davoli managed to work a settlement between two very different and opposing parties who did not have much hope of reaching any settlement at all at mediation.  Thanks to Chuck’s innate ability to calmly talk to each side about the pros & cons of the case, he artfully worked out a settlement that was a little different than most, but was especially pleasing to my client, that’s for sure.  His knowledge and experience in the worker’s comp arena makes him extremely valuable in assisting each side to see their case as it would be played out in court.   When Chuck speaks, people listen.”

M.L, Defense Attorney, Alexandria, LA

“I have worked with Chuck Davoli on numerous mediations and can say that I have always been satisfied with the effort and the result. Chuck is, in my opinion, a preeminent mediator who has extensive knowledge of both the law and the practical aspects of handling and settling workers’ compensation claims. I could not recommend Chuck more highly.”

T. M., Metairie, LA

“I have known Chuck Davoli for over 20 years. We have been involved in numerous lobbying efforts for injured workers over the years. Chuck is well qualified and well prepared to discuss state workers’ compensation claims both for the claimant and the defense. I believe that Chuck would be a great fit for anyone on either side to resolve any type of state or longshore workers’ compensation claim.”

F.B., New Orleans, LA

“I am happy to say that I have never mediated a workers’ compensation case with Chuck Davoli that did not settle. His tremendous ability to mediate workers’ compensation cases is surpassed by no one.”

L.W., Metairie, LA

“As defense attorney, I was initially reluctant to use Chuck Davoli as a mediator in a WC case involving a Claimant with a brain injury given Chuck’s history of representing injured workers. But Chuck came highly recommended for his experience and knowledge in WC cases. Ultimately, I thought Chuck’s knowledge and experience was invaluable and directly led to our case being resolved under terms that our client deemed favorable. Chuck was excellent and I thought our client benefitted from the credibility that Chuck had with both the Claimant and his attorney given his representation of Claimants. I would not hesitate to use him again.”

J.W., Lafayette, LA


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